Briefs Bearded Bingo + Special Guest Bob Downe

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The tits may be fake but the titillation is real in this fabulous new take on a beloved ball-based classic! Satisfy your thinly-veiled gambling addiction with this high-key low-stakesbingospectacular hosted by Australia’s cheekiest cabaret mischief makers –Briefs Factory International!

These covid-conscious queens have somehow assembled an action-packed extravaganza that’s a cross between your nan’s bingo hall, a drag do at your local gay bar, and a circus night under the biggest top in town. Illustrious drag queen host Shivannah thrills with countless costume changes and numerical-based puns sure to bring a smile to your intensely focused dial. Bingo bouts are intermissioned by her entourage of spritely spruikers including hula hoop extraordinaire 'Captain Kidd', Australian circus star and wild card Thomas Worrell, and the off-beat soundboard gags supplied by the enigmatic DJ Gia.

It’s 5 o’clock somequeer honey! Grab your buddies, down a few chardies, and have your bingo blotter at the ready to score a coveted knick-knack from the impressively miscellaneous prize table. It’s a day of kind-hearted, PG-ish entertainment guaranteed to leave you feeling light in your loafers. 


Criterion Theatre


Sunday 7th November 1pm and 3pm



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