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Remember When Cottage Museum (Community Event)

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Remember   When is a privately owned museum, just a short, picturesque drive from   Grafton. It is located at 28 Eatonsville Road, Waterview  Heights. It is   filled with numerous displays, photographs, local artworks and gorgeous   animals. The relocated cottage, built over one hundred years ago came from   central Grafton. It has been fully restored and is fully accessible for all   to enjoy. Come take a selfie with our own Remember When Jacaranda Queen!   Refreshments, vintage and retro clothing and homewares, are available for   purchase.


28 Eatonsville Road, Waterview Heights


Friday 27 October to Sunday 5 November | Call to book - 0423 280 141


Adults $8
Senior $7
Child 4-12 years $4

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