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Briefs Bearded Bingo

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The tits may be fake but the titillation is real in this fabulous new take on a beloved ball-based classic! Satisfy your thinly-veiled gambling addiction with this high-key low-stakes bingo spectacular hosted by Australia's cheekiest cabaret mischief makers – Briefs Factory!

These queens have somehow assembled an action-packed extravaganza that's a cross between your nan's bingo hall, a drag do at your local gay bar, and a circus night under the biggest top in town never seen before at the GDSC.

It's 5 o'clock somewhere honey! Grab your buddies, down a few chardies, and have your bingo blotter at the ready to score a coveted knick-knack from the impressively miscellaneous prize table. It's a day of kind-hearted, PG-ish entertainment guaranteed to leave you feeling light in your loafers.

Event contians adult themes and all ticket holders must be 15+ and anyone under 18 must accompanined by an adult.


GDSC 105-107 Mary St


Sunday 5 November 3pm


$35pp (15+ only)

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