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The 85th Grafton Jacaranda Festival celebrates the beautiful blossoming trees that were first planted back in 1897 by Henry Volkers, and through sound environmental stewardship and management we plan to celebrate the natural spectacle for another 85 years.

A sustainable Jacaranda Festival helps protect our valley, our river, and promote even more pride in our local region.

While at the festival we encourage you to REDUCEREUSERECYCLERETURN

REDUCE your waste by using multi-use cups, bottles and containers.

  • Keep Cups are a great way to have your morning coffee.

  • Try not to buy single use plastic water bottles or bags.


REUSE drink and food containers whenever and wherever you can.

  • There are water fill stations in Market Square and Memorial Park for you to fill your BYO bottles.

  • If you need a straw consider using a reusable one.

    RECYCLE all your waste through proper use of the many recycle bins placed throughout the festival.

  • Only put recyclable products in the yellow bins.

  • Encourage your friends and family to do the same as well.

RETURN and earn.

• Return and earn bins will be placed in the Volkers Bar yard at licensed events for all purchased

cans, glass and plastic bottles to be returned for recycling.


It’s cool to be kind.

“Decreasing...single use catering products and packaging... decreases the environmental impact of the event by reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy used in the production process.”

NSW Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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