Saturday 15 October 6pm

Jacaranda Ball

Friday 28 October 10am

River Dreaming - A Day Of Culture

Saturday 29th October to Sunday 6th November

Open Gardens

Sunday 30 October 8am

Colour Run

Monday 31 October 1.30pm

Whiddon Jacaranda Afternoon Tea

Thursday 3 November 7am

2GF and The Independent Free Breakfast

Friday 4 November 7pm

Venetian Carnival

Saturday 5 November 6pm

Newcastle Permanent Float Procession

Thursday 20 October to Thursday 10 November

Illuminate Jacarandas

Saturday 29 October to Sunday 6 November 9 am to 5 pm

Annette's Garden

Saturday 29 October 7pm

Westlawn and Hall & Prior Queen Crowning

Sunday 30 October 10am

BCU Retrofest

Tuesday 1 November 12pm

Elders Real Estate Melbourne Cup Long Lunch

Thursday 3 November 7am

Jacaranda Thursday

Saturday 5 November 10am

Mid Coast Family Day Care Beautiful Baby Competition

Saturday 5 November 7.30pm

Summerland Credit Union Party in the Park

Saturday 22 October 9:30am

Bendigo Bank Children's Party

Saturday 29 October 9am

Bendigo Bank Parade of Youth & Banner Competition

Sunday 30 October from 7am

Cafe 1851 & Professional Reliable Services RiverRUN

Monday 31 October 10am

Valley Schools on Show

Tuesday 1 November 7pm

Jacaranda Royal Party and Sponsors Cocktail Evening

Thursday 3 November 7.30pm

Brooke McClymont & Adam Eckersley Band

Saturday 5 November 1pm

The Clocktower Hotel Splash of Tartan

All Festival

Bendigo Bank Snap Share Win